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But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you say, “I have no pleasure in them.” Ecclesiastes 12:1


We Still Can!

I celebrated Independence Day in a bittersweet frame of mind. We were spending the holiday at the Lebanon, Virginia, festival because one of our favorite Bluegrass Music Groups, White Top Mountain Band, was there. The crowd that had gathered was enjoying the day with all the usual revelry: family and friends together, games, mountains of food, the promise of fireworks in the evening, and even a parade. And what a parade it was!

As I leaned against the guardrail beside the street and watched as the entries crawled by, I began to weep. I wept through the military entries. I wept through the band performance. read more…

A Thanksgiving Challenge

“In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (Thessalonians 5:18, KJV)

Thanksgiving feast     Thanksgiving is almost upon us and I want to give you a challenge that could “make your day!”

Jesus set an example of thankfulness while he was on earth, and not a single one was for stuff.  First, He gave thanks for the revelation of His purposes on earth, not to the worldly wise, but to the common man. (See Matthew 11:25). Second, He offered thanks for, not just the bread and wine for the Passover celebration, but for preparing His disciples for His crucifixion—His broken body and shed blood. Third, he offered thanksgivings for the loaves and fishes provided to feed the tired and hungry multitudes who followed to hear His words; words not just for the body but for the soul because He was their loaves and fish.   read more…

Ask October

Once again I would like to post my most requested and published fall piece for everyone. It’s that time of the year again, and it’s a favorite. We have such a wonderful God who has created all things beautiful for us to enjoy! Praise Him!

Ask October - Poem from Rebecca Somoskey


The old woman stumbled slowly up the rough path with her eyes lowered. She spoke to the path. “Path, how can you be made smoother?”
“Ask October” the path answered.
Because she did not understand what the path meant, she trudged on, shivering against the autumn wind.
She spoke to the wind. “Wind, how can you be made warmer?”
“Ask October,” the wind whispered.
She shrugged her shoulders and kept climbing.

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Collard Greens and Vanilla Yogurt

collard-greensRecently Emory and I were in the kitchen having our bedtime snack. I was spooning vanilla yogurt into my mouth as I watched him reheat some of the collard greens that he had cooked earlier in the day. I smiled as I experienced that serendipity moment once more. Emory is collard greens, I am vanilla yogurt.

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Landon’s Fire

One new thing I will add to my Thanksgiving list this year is Landon's Fire.firey-sunset  Let me explain.  When Landon was two years old and first noticed the afterglow of the sunset, he became so excited. " Look, Paw Fuji, it's fire!"  Emory quickly explained that that was where the sun had gone behind the mountains.  Since that time every sunrise or sunset that we have seen has been Landon's Fire.  There's something special about Landon's Fire because each time the sun rises or sets it is a brand new feast for the eyes.  Each one depends on the surrounding atmosphere.  The more clouds there are nearby the more glow. 

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What a Way to Go!

Inspirations From The Mountains
What a Way to Go!


Ten days had passed—days in which we wondered, grieved and prayed. But our Princess cat, the best mouser in the whole wide world, was still missing. When the big snow came, she had disappeared without a trace. Two feet of snow kept us inside when we wanted to search for her. Then Emory had a dream of seeing her body floating down a running stream.

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December 1, 2015

My Mom, Rebecca Somoskey, went home to be with Jesus the morning of December 1st, 2015. Please pray for the many of us who are attempting to travel from all over the country to remember her and celebrate her life.  We will continue to keep this web site up and share her wonderful writings with you all.

God bless you,
Bill W.


Apr 20, 2015

Rebecca Somoskey’s health has declined for some years now and the last time she was able to post any encouraging words was in February, 2012. She is still with us but not able to respond.  We are working to improve this web site as well as to continue sharing her inspirations, poems and books.  We will share new information when we have it. Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words.  Feel free to encourage m Mom on Facebook on her Facebook Page. Thanks and God bless! ~ Bill Watkins, son & webmaster