I can’t give you money for I have none.
I’ll not give you something else to set upon the shelf,
A gift that must be dusted and shined.
For it will soon lose its luster and become a burden,
Then you’ll pack it away among your other stuff
And wish for something to take it’s place.

Instead I give you forever gifts: Helping hands, an understanding heart,
A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on.
Best of all I give you prayer.
For prayers are hugs from God, sent by Him to you through me.
What greater gift could anyone receive
Than a hug from God?
Prayer never needs dusting, never becomes tarnished
And is continually being replaced.
Prayer will sustain you on life’s journey
And help take you safely to the other side.



Dear Lord

With all our hearts we want to be present with every one of our friends and family on Your birthday. But since that is impossible, all we can do is send our love through this letter and say, “We love you and are with you in spirit.” If we had the means, we would send gifts to everyone, something they want more than anything. But since we have very little of this world’s goods all we can do is bless them with good wishes.

We’re so glad there are no hindrances to Your presence with us. That is why You were born. You were born to die so we could be reconnected, and every day can be Christmas when You are in our hearts. All we have to do is open the door and find the gift waiting, the gift of Your presence and fellowship.

May all who read open the door today.
In Your Name we pray.
Rebecca Somoskey