dash_runners_300x194If it hadn’t been for Harry Hodge, Emory would have been the fastest runner for the 9th grade track team at Berwind Jr. High school. Harry had just a second or two faster takeoff and was always two or three steps ahead of him. No matter how hard he tried, Emory could never pass Harry. Little did he know that this day was going to be different.

It was the spring 1953 district track meet. Harry was scheduled to run the 100 yard dash and was confident of a win. Then Coach Roco Romeo called Emory over and said, “Emory I want you to run in this race too.”

“But Coach,” Emory reminded him. “There’s no way I can beat Harry.”

“But you might come in second, and that will give us more points.”

So Emory agreed.

All the runners lined up. The gun roared and the race was on. Sure enough, Harry’s fast takeoff put him a few steps ahead of Emory. Soon both boys were way out ahead. Then, the unthinkable happened. About 10 feet before the finish line, Emory stumbled, and in his efforts to regain his balance, he shot forward ahead of Harry, broke the ribbon and won first place.

From that time forward, every time Coach Romeo passed Emory in the hall he’d shake his head and say, “Somoskey, I saw it with my own eyes, but I still don’t believe it.”

For once in his life Emory had stumbled into something great!

Dear Reader, have you stumbled lately? God loves to take stumbles and make them victories. Read on for examples.

Abraham stumbled over his own cowardice but God later made him the Father of Many Nations. (Genesis 12-15)  Moses stumbled by murdering a man, but God made him into a leader of millions. (Exodus chapter 2)  David stumbled by committing adultery and having   Uriah murdered. (2 Samuel chapter 11)  Later he became a man after God’s own heart and the greatest king of the Bible besides Jesus Himself. (Acts 13:22). Peter denied the Lord, wept bitterly, then preached a sermon in which 3000 souls were saved. (Acts 2:-36). Why did these men succeed after such dreadful stumbles? Because they had repentant hearts.

So Beloved, take your stumble to the Lord, repent, then see what victories will be yours.
–Rebecca Somoskey