Be A Champion 

Probably every person in their right mind desires to be a champion—to champion a particular cause. So what does that mean? The dictionary describes it as “fighting for a particular cause we feel strongly about.”

Some examples might be: Cure for cancer or muscular dystrophy. Others might include being a champion for a people group who is being oppressed. One of the most outstanding causes that many folks champion right now is to preserve our American freedoms. We often go to extremes in our efforts to champion that cause. All these causes are good, but there is one weakness. They are only temporary. 

Now, can you guess which cause is the most vital of all? It’s the cause in bringing souls to Christ. Why?  Because this cause is for eternity. If we reject this one, someone will spend an eternity in hell. And whosoever was not found in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) 

Christ followers all over the world are bound together as one body, but a part of that body is suffering the most terrible persecution and tribulation in the history of mankind. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every believer would choose to suffer with them, pray for them, and live on less so they could help them? What Champions!! 

Some will say, “Oh but I’m not a preacher or an evangelist!”  But lets consider that statement. Beloved, I will ask you the same question the Lord asked Moses when he was to appear before Pharaoh. “What is that in your hand?” It was only a stick, but it was used to help deliver a complete nation from slavery. 

There are at least three ways we can help to Champion the Cause of Christ. Everybody can pray, and most of us could do without many of our possessions so we could give to others. Last of all, most of us could go out—even if just to our lost neighbors– and compel them to come in. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Champion for Christ today. You will never be sorry. We’ve tried it and it works!!! 

–Rebecca Somoskey