Brother Joe Sergeant pulled no punches when it came to preaching a salvation message, because he was determined to get people’s attention. We were privileged to hear him tell this story during a revival in Squire, West Virginia, back in the early 70’s. 

It had been a hard winter for the old farmer and his animals, so, toward the end he ran out of feed for his milk cow and his old mule.  He called around to his neighbors to see if he could locate some grain. Several miles away a friend told him that he had some extra shocks of corn fodder he would give him if he was interested. All he had to do was come pick them up. 

With great relief he hooked his mule to the wagon, headed to the neighbors farm and loaded all the fodder onto the wagon he thought he would need. Then he thanked the neighbor, climbed aboard and headed home. But there was a problem he hadn’t anticipated. 

The fodder was so dry it rattled when it moved, and the rattling sound made the old mule nervous.  He had never heard the like and it scared him.  So, thinking he could get away from the noise, he speeded up a little. But that only made the fodder rattle even more. So he ran a little faster.  But the faster he moved the louder the rattle. Being the stubborn mule he was, he speeded up some more. Finally he was going so fast the farmer couldn’t hold him back and that foolish old mule ran and ran until he finally slowed to a stop and fell over dead. He ran himself to death trying to get away from what he needed the most to save his life.  

Finally Preacher Sergeant ended with this thought. He said, “Folks, too many sinners are just like that old mule. They will run after everything in this world they think will satisfy that hunger inside, when all the while they are running away from the very thing they need to save their lives.”  

You are probably laughing by now, because there is so much truth in this message. But wait! I must ask myself this question. “Do I have a mule mentality?  How about you?  So often we run from a total commitment to God because we fear what it might cost us. Then, too late we learn that commitment was the one thing we needed to give us that abundant life we crave.  

Lord, please save us from our mule mentalities. 

He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. Proverbs 29:1 –Rebecca Somoskey