I’ll admit it!

Sometimes I behave just like the proverbial pig.  You know, like Grandma’s old pig that spent his time foraging through the woods for food.  And when he found a pile of acorns beneath a tree, he would tie into the feast and fill his belly without ever looking up to see from whence the acorns came.  How many of us on Christmas morning tied into our pile of gifts, scattered paper and ribbons everywhere, and exclaimed over the wonderful presents we received?  Oh, sure, good manners dictate a “thank you” to the giver.  But did we stop to think that it was God given health, skill, and the ability to work and make the money that really provided everything we received?  And did we remember to lift our eyes toward heaven and give Him thanks?

Often I have failed to do that. But God has gifted me with something that never fails to remind me. Every time we leave our house and drive down the ridge, I am privileged to look across the tops of the mountains, and the view on a clear day almost takes my breath away. Even in the starkness of the late autumn and winter, the rolling smoky-blue tops that cover the earth display the wonder of our awesome Creator. Who am I that He should provide me with such a view? I especially enjoy it every Sunday morning as we go down to church, and as I soak up the wonder I can’t help but burst into song. “I sing the mighty power of God that makes the mountains rise.” What a wonderful way to get into the spirit of worship before Sunday services, or any time for that matter.

Unlike the proverbial pig, King David expressed it like this: ” I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2-3) Why do you suppose the hills reminded him of God? Because where earth ends heaven begins.

Friends, you don’t have to live on top of the mountain to be able to lift your eyes and give praise to Him who gives us richly all things to enjoy. You no longer have to live like the proverbial pig. You can lift your eyes any time or any where.

–Rebecca Somoskey