Scaling The Bar

Dear Friends,
     How are your spirits? After looking back at last year are you disappointed because you did not find what you were searching for, or are you brokenhearted because you feel like a looser? May I challenge you to give this New Year a chance. Consider this.
     Pretend you are at a pole vaulting competition. The contestants line up for their turns. The first one grasps the 12 to 16 foot fiberglass pole several feet from its top, then races down a short runway, digs the tip of the pole into the vault box, swings upward feet first toward the crossbar. As his feet near the bar, he does a virtual handstand on the pole and thrusts his body feet first and facedown across the bar, then drops onto a soft pad below. Each contestant has his turn, then, the bar is raised again and again until all but the winners have been disqualified. What would you say is the most important part of the vaulter’s success? Probably many factors, but to me it seems the flexible, unbreakable fiberglass pole is what thrusts him into the position to scale the bar.
     Much like the pole vaulter, our success in this life depends on the type of pole we use. If you feel you are a looser, perhaps the pole you used to try to propel yourself over the bar was the wrong one. Our adversary, the self-proclaimed ruler of this world, is nothing but a cheap pole. He doesn’t want us to scale the crossbars that we face. He wants us to fail.  
     We need to let Jesus be our flexible, unbreakable pole. When we grasp His hand and run with Him, He will not fail us. We can sail over the bar, no matter how high it has been raised. This year, choose Jesus.

–Rebecca Somoskey