God or coincidence? You decide.
     It was 1973. For a whole year we had been planning our move from Silver City, New Mexico, to Canebrake, West Virginia. We had even set the date we were to leave. Weeks of preparation had gone into the wrapping up of all activities and packing. We had everything we needed to camp out in the KOA campgrounds with our seven children. Emory would drive the U-Haul truck with our personal belongings and I would drive the Oldsmobile Station Wagon for the three day trip. 
   The children counted the hours, and talked non stop about our great adventure. Then the night before our departure, during our family altar time, Emory explained that he had a feeling we should wait one more day. He didn’t know why, just that we should do it. I was a bit frustrated, but consented, because not long before that, on a trip to see my parents, Emory had been urged in his spirit to take the long route instead of the shorter one. He ignored it, and we were caught in flood waters so deep that it stalled our car and we had to get out in the middle of the dark and push the station wagon to a higher point. We could have been drowned.  Young children don’t always understand, though, and ours were devastated. They all trudged to bed, grumbling as they went. 
     Two mornings later we began our fifteen hundred mile adventure.  The first day of the journey was all we expected. Sunny skies, fun travel games, and a cool camp-out in the KOA that had a swimming pool. The children were elated. The following day was the same, but we were becoming road weary and were anticipating reaching our campsite in Lexington, Tennessee. Then things changed.  When we drove into the campground it wasn’t the neat order we had experienced there before. Everything seemed to be topsy turvy. Trees were blown down. Buildings damaged. Even other campers had dents and broken windows in their travel trailers.  Emory hurried inside to register, and when he came back to the car his face was pale. “A bad tornado came through last night, and tore things up everywhere. If we had left when we planned, we would have been camping right here last night.” He let out a ragged breath. “Now I know why God checked me. It was His will to keep us safe.”  
     The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lor, and He delights in his way.” Psalm 37:24–Rebecca Somoskey