The superintendent of a road building crew in a small rural area noticed that one tree had a nest of baby birds, so he forbid the workers to cut it down. Several weeks later he returned to the tree but there was no life, so he got into a bucket and was lifted so he could peer into the nest. The baby birds had learned to fly, and were gone, so he gave the workers permission to cut the tree down. As the tree fell, the nest was thrown clear and the contents scattered. Upon examining the materials with which the birds had used to build, he found a scrap of paper from a Sunday school pamphlet that bore these words. “He careth for you.” God even knows when a sparrow falls! (Matt 10:29) What an awesome God He is to speak in such ways. I call them God’s little reassurances.

The Bible is full of examples of God reassuring His people. Remember Noah’s dove? I can only imagine being in his circumstances. The whole story covered approximately a year, and Noah may have wondered many times if he would ever see land again. Then one day his messenger dove brought back the olive leaf in his beak. How excited Noah must have been! (Genesis 7 &8)

How about Elijah and the cloud the size of a man’s hand? It was the first sign of an abundance of rain after a long and difficult drought? Ordinarily we would doubt that a cloud that small could ever amount to anything. (1Kings 18:41-46)

Have you ever experienced one of God’s little reassurances? I could relate many times, but two of my favorites are the first bud of a spring flower, or the first sight of a new grandbaby. But the best one we have ever experienced was Emory’s God given reassurance that our trip would be a success if we would only wait one more day to begin. Because we obeyed, we were saved from a killer tornado.

How about you, Beloved? Do you ever pause long enough to experiences His Little Reassurances? If not, you better slow down, because it’s one of the greatest faith builders I know.

-– Rebecca Somoskey