I still smile at the fun we had years ago when the children sang the song about the wise man and the foolish man. I’ll bet you do too.

The wise man built his house on the rock and when the rains came down, the floods came up and the winds blew, the house stood firm. But when the foolish man built his house on the sand and the rains, floods and wind came, the house on the sand went, “Crash!” What fun the children had when they made the sound effects of the crash by slapping their hands together and yelling as loud as they could.

We can read the story in Matthew 7:24-27, where Jesus was teaching about our spiritual houses. Is it not true that as the spiritual houses go, so goes the success or failure of everything else around us, especially our nation? From our leaders on down to the least of us?

So what is the rock the wise man built upon? It is and always has been, the Rock—Jesus Christ and His Word. Every part of the life of the wise: spirit, soul, body, and possessions, are built on Him. Rains, floods and winds will not move them. But those who are building their houses on fame, fortune, and fun are building on the shifting sands, and are doomed to crash.

The United States was built on the Rock. If you don’t believe that, read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. But for some reason, we’ve tumbled from the Rock onto the shifting sand. Now we are suffering the rains, floods and winds, and could collapse any time. And what an awful crash that will be.

Beloved, have you built your house on the things of this world? If so, it is not too late. Begin now to move off the sand and get a firm foundation beneath you house. And those of you who have built on the Rock, join me in prayer for our teetering nation and all those who are clinging to the sand before their houses go “Crash!”  Matt 7:27: …AND GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT.

— Rebecca Somoskey