Wow! Another school year has passed, so once again I want to give our school teachers a little of the honor they deserve. Last night we had a precious conversation with our grandson, Landon Brown’s teacher. If there ever was a lady who loves children it is Angie White, first grade teacher at Richlands Elementary School. And I’ve no doubt there are a zillion others out there who deserve the same appreciation. So, I repeat our last year’s inspiration for every one of them.

They called Him Rabbi, which means Teacher. Even though He was God’s Son, He came as a servant. His first class was twelve assorted men including four fishermen and a tax collector. His job was to instruct them about the purposes of His coming. He opened the wonders of the gospel through parables and impromptu classes on mountain tops, in a boat on the water, at the road side, in the synagogue, or wherever there was a need. He ministered to them at all levels–physical, mental and spiritual. He sacrificed to pour into their lives, and then sent them on their way to teach others and to make a difference in their world. He loved. He sacrificed. He hurt when they hurt. What an awesome Teacher!


“And when He saw the multitude, He went up on a mountain and when He was seated, the disciples came to Him and the taught them.” Matthew 5:1 & 2
They call her Teacher, and she parallels Jesus in so many ways. Her first class is often an assortment of a Teacher - Rabbi - Jesusdozen or more children of five to six years from various backgrounds. Her job is to introduce them to the basics of academics, but she unselfishly ministers to them at all levels–physical, social and emotional. She loves unconditionally, hurts when they hurt, serves, provides a trusting environment, instructs by example, encourages, challenges and seeks to bring out the best in every student. She seeks to provide a foundation of learning for a lifetime, and then tearfully sends them on their way to make a difference in their world.
Thank God for all the God-fearing, child-loving school teachers! We see Jesus in you.  
“And the things that you have heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” Timothy 2:2

–Rebecca Somoskey