Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

Often I have allowed yesterday’s pain and tomorrow’s trouble get my attention. And Satan was right there ready to use them to paralyze me. But God has taught me much from nature, and I’ve learned to figure Him in every moment of my life.  A while back I watched as a brilliant cardinal flew in , perched himself in a laurel bush, threw back his head and began to sing with all his might.  I said to myself, “He ain’t distressed about yesterday’s troubles, or what he wears, and he ain’t worryin’ about tomorrow’s eats. He knows God has clothed him in the most glorious array and He will provide for today. That’s all that matters.” Then I thought about the laurel bush he was using for his stage. “That bush ain’t worried that his blooms are all gone. He knows God will have a brand new batch come spring. Until then he’ll just nap through the winter and let his Maker take care of things.” So, my Friend, consider this:

He knocked upon my door today. I ran to open wide.
There stood Yesterday’s Regret. I invited him inside.

He hovered in my shadow all the live long day,
Reminding me of past mistakes and he would not go away.
By night I was in anguish, my weary heart so sad. I cried, “Dear Lord, please help me. My past has been so bad.”
“My child,” He said. “Those things are gone, deep beneath the blue. I don’t remember them at all. You must forget them too.”
She knocked upon my door today. Tomorrow’s Fear was waiting there. “Come in,” I said, and opened wide. She was followed by Despair. They rode upon my shoulders all the live long day,

Asking, “How will you?” and “What if?” They would not go away. By night I felt so helpless. There seemed to be no way.
I cried, “Dear Lord, please help me. I can’t face another day.*
“My child,” He said. “Don’t e’er forget. Just remember how
I’ve not ceased to make provision always up till now.
So when Regret or Fear comes knocking, refuse to open the door.
Live your life just for today, and they’ll return no more.”

Our Lord said, “Don’t worry about what you will eat or drink or wear.” Matthew 6:34 –Rebecca Somoskey