Mother’s Day has, once again, come and gone and I would guess that the majority of Moms received flowers. I did. On my kitchen table sets a vase with a single very large daisy that I received from my church, while outside on the back porch waiting to be transplanted is a gorgeous red rose bush from Laura’s family. I love them both.

We  Moms love to receive flowers, no matter what day it is.  Most every one does. Both of our grandson’s bring their mom flowers at times. Hagen often brings home a flower or a plant from school or somewhere, that can be replanted.  Last year both boys brought giant sunflowers. Landon does things a little differently. Sometimes for no reason at all, or, when he has had to be disciplined, he’ll search until he finds an empty soda bottle, fill it with water and then pick a wild flower from the yard. Laura treasures them as if they had cost a million dollars. Why? Because they represent his unconditional love for her.

On Mother’s Day this year my husband– being much like his grandson in nature–surprised me with a honeysuckle plant from our woods. So, there it sits in a milk jug of water in the place of honor on the kitchen table. And I treasure it more than any other gift I received because I know it comes from a heart filled with love for me.

There are other types of flowers that can be given by all of us to someone who is hurting, someone who needs a blessing, or a word of appreciation. There is the flower of a listening ear, the flower of consideration, the flower of understanding, the flower of a good deed….and the list goes on.

But what I would really like to do right now is make a bouquet of flowers to give to my Lord. Flowers that will bless Him because of all He does for me every day of my life. I’d start with lots of flowers of praise; add some flowers of thanksgiving, then flowers of obedience, and finally a listening ear that takes time to hear every word He says to me from His Holy Scripture.  I know He would treasure it because He knows it represents my unconditional love for Him.

So, my Friend, how about joining me and making a bouquet for Jesus to honor Him, not only today but every day?

Proverbs 3:9 KJV—Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase. –Rebecca Somoskey