Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might. Proverbs 9:10

 Yes, I am on Facebook, and I have discovered that it is a powerful resource from God to reach out to other people. But I had to learn the hard way. Let me explain.

At first I wasn’t too impressed with Facebook, but the more I learned the better it became. Here are some of the things Facebook has done for me. I have reconnected to old friends I hadn’t seen in over fifty years, and prayed for prayer requests I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I have read folks pet peeves and problems, and learned a lot about them and their worlds. When I have been in need my Facebook friends have prayed for me.  I’ve learned and become connected with helpful organizations that I never knew existed. And due to health problems that keep me isolated, I can stay connected to the outside world through Facebook.

But one mistake I made was to post a very judgmental statement on my Home page, and the Holy Spirit gave me a spanking I shall never forget. He showed me that my Facebook was the connection to so many hurting folks who need prayer, encouragement, or just a sympathetic ear. He reminded me that whoever crosses my path, be it in my every day walk, or on the internet, has been sent by Him and I must meet them at their point of need. So, I had to repent, not just to God, but to post my apology on the internet. Shame! Shame!

As for being a Foe as opposed to being a Friend, I’ve also learned that I can spend far too much time on FB instead of taking care of my other duties—my personal time in God’s Word and prayer, and my home and family responsibilities. 

Now, ask yourself: Is my Facebook a time stealer, or a resource for the road? I recently heard someone say that although Facebook is a powerful tool in the hands of God’s children, we must never forget that it is nothing compared to the All Powerful Word of God. –Rebecca Somoskey