Every fall, as soon as the weather begins to cool, Emory gets in a kraut making mood. He dearly loves sauerkraut and will sometimes eat it right out of the jar for a snack. Sometimes he makes it in a big crock like his ancestors made it, or in a gallon jar.

First he chooses just the right kind of cabbage, then he shreds it and packs it into the container, then adds water, and just a touch of vinegar, then last of all the most important ingredient. Salt! He shakes just the right amount of salt out of the container and adds it to the cabbage mixture. If he left out the salt there would be no flavor, and the kraut would soon spoil, so salt is vital. It takes about 11 days for a batch to work off, but he thrills in the process of checking it every day to see if it’s “working”.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:13 that we, His followers, are the salt of the earth, and we all know why. Salt flavors, preserves and stimulates thirst. While watching Emory make kraut I had to take inventory. My first thought was that, just like the cabbage, I can never be salt within myself. It is the Spirit of God that dwells in me. That Spirit must flow out of me, the shaker, onto others if I am to flavor their lives with love, to encourage them so they will not fall by the wayside, or to cause them to thirst for God because of my testimony. Sometimes I have failed. Those were the times I had lost my saltiness, either because of unconcern or fear, and spent my time shivering inside the shaker within my inner circle of brothers and sisters and being of no benefit to the Kingdom.

Dear Friend, are you allowing the Holy Spirit to flow out of you, or are you still shivering in the shaker?

Mark 9:50 Have salt in yourselves and have peace with one another.

–Rebecca Somoskey