One spring, years ago, Emory brought home two baby turkeys, and they were inseparable. They ran free on our country property and life seemed grand. Then, the day before Thanksgiving, Emory butchered one of the now grown fowl and prepared her for our holiday table. But to his surprise, when he opened the back door the next morning, there lay the other turkey with her head resting on the bottom step. Dead! The shock of seeing her companion butchered was too much for her and her grief brought on a premature death.

When circumstances dictated that we separate our German shepherd dog, Sofee, from her brother KC, she grieved for days. She refused to eat, she refused to play, her eyes were filled with deep pain, and she howled so mournfully that we were afraid she would die from sorrow. So we moved her to our daughter’s house in Richlands for awhile.

For months I have felt the deepest sorrow I have ever experienced in my life. I couldn’t understand why I was so sad? I was in a deep black hole even though there was no apparent reason. I felt like Jeremiah. So I questioned My Father God, and recently He opened my eyes to the truth. He seemed to say, “Remember when you asked if you could feel my heart toward the pain of others?” Yes, I remembered, and the reason for my sorrow became clear. Like the turkey and Sofee, I also am in mourning.

Does God mourn? Oh, yes He does. He mourned when He lost the fellowship of Adam and Eve when they rebelled. (Genesis 3) He grieved when he had to send the flood in Noah’s day. (Genesis 6:6.) He mourned when Israel disobeyed and He was forced to send them into exile. (2 Chronicles 36:15). Jesus wept when his friend Lazarus died, (John 11:35) and wept over Jerusalem when they rejected Him. (Luke 19:41-42) He wept in Gethsemane and wept on the cross.

I weep over backslidden America. I grieve over the death of her unborn babies, the suffering children and the death of her morals. And our Father mourns also.

So how about you fellow Christian? Have you mourned lately? We can’t feel the Father’s heart until we are willing to see suffering humanity through His eyes and then seek His face until healing comes. Lamentations 5:21-22 Turn us back to You, O Lord, and we will be restored. Renew our days as of old, unless You have utterly rejected us, and are very angry with us!

— Rebecca Somoskey