Managing my MemoryOkay! So my memory is failing fast. But I’ve learned that almost all ‘Seniors” are struggling with the same problem. Right at this moment I’m frustrated because I don’t remember where I left my change purse, and I need the money that’s in it. So, what to do about my powers of recall?

One way I can manage my memory is to write everything down. But if I wrote everything down that’s going on in my world I would have to carry a tablet the size of the Rock of Gibraltar with me every where I go. So, I’m learning to do what the government and all us computer folks do. I abbreviate.

Examples from our government that we are familiar with are: USA –stands for United States of America, but only takes a fraction of the time and space to write. Here are some other examples we are familiar with. FBI=Federal Bureau of Investigation. EPA=Environmental Protection Agency.

What about computer communications that we are familiar with? FYI=for your information. ASAP=As soon as possible. LOL=Laugh out loud. Are you getting the picture?

“That’s all trivial stuff,” you say? Perhaps. But when it comes to my time with the Lord in intercession for others, it’s priceless. If I wrote out every need or reminder on my list it would cover pages and pages. And I dare not forget to pray for all those that God has laid on my heart. Examples: When I pray for my family members I remember GOP, which means I pray that God will use their circumstances to bring them to the place that they will be loving God with all their hearts, loving Others as themselves, and fulfilling His Purposes for them. EGT. stands for Expect Good Things, which is a great faith builder. For God’s family all over the world I pray BISO which stands for “Holy Spirit, bring us back to Bible reading and study, Intercession prayer, Self-denial, and Outreach, and fulfills God’s plan for every believer. Finally  I remember HHHF which means I am God’s head, heart, hands and feet while I am here on this earth.


Some of the Ministries I pray for: GFA.=Gospel For Asia. TC=Teen Challenge. LACC =Latin America Child Care. YWAM=Youth With A Mission. Are you getting the picture?

Now, your way of managing your memory will most likely be totally different from mine. The most important thing is that we remember to not neglect our intercessory prayer. It’s a life and death matter.

See then that you walk carefully, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Ephesians 5:15-16 NKJV)

–Rebecca Somoskey