The apple speaks:

I am an apple, I had been hanging from my tree since birth, but when I became mature and had a bright red peeling, I hung with pride from my limb, and my only desire was to feast on the compliments of the other apples.

Then one day someone came and snatched us all from the tree and carried us away. They took a sharp knife, peeled and cut us into chunks, then threw us into a pot and turned up the heat. I was sure we would never survive the torture, but eventually we surrendered. That’s when we were spooned into a blender and beaten until we were smooth. Then they poured us into a jar, covered us with an escape-proof lid and stored us in a cold pantry. We were in a virtual prison.

After a few weeks they pried the lid off and dumped us into a slow cooker, then added some sugar and spice. There’s still hope, I thought as we began to get warm. After a long while I gathered my courage and looked at my reflection. Wonder of all wonders, we had become beautiful apple butter fit for the table of a king.

My turn to speak:

Many tears ago I suffered with a hardened heart, a proud independent spirit who focused mostly on winning the approval and admiration of others. Then the Father snatched me up and began to work on me. I was peeled, chunked and broken, and the heat was turned up until I finally fell apart. He poured me into a jar with and escape-proof lid and stored me in a cold pantry. (Time Out!) Finally I surrendered everything to Him, and in His great mercy He poured me into His slow cooker, added some sugar of His love and the spice of His Word, and I was made fit for His table.

Friends, can you identify? If so just surrender everything to the Lord and He will bring you out, put you through the healing process and make you into beautiful applebutter for His table.

— Rebecca Somoskey